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WordPress Dynamic Form Builder

Say you need to construct a website. Fantastic one. Even perhaps slightly complex one, you are aware of, with forms that your chosen user can fill in? But, you don`t want to pay excess amount and time on developing these forms (`cause they are not that simple to develop).
That is where we come in. We developed `Dynamic Forms` plugin. It’s really a powerful tool useful for creating and managing web forms in a easy and flexible way. So, no HTML code is needed. See? Saves efforts and money.
We say, and we deliver.
Not merely for quick forms, including `user contact details`, and also for the more difficult ones, like `inventory item updates`.
Our plugin supports nice as well as simple features including a chance to create different type fields for ones needs. Single line text input, text areas, radio buttons, drop down lists. Where ever you look, we deliver it.
Those forms are being trapped in your database, providing your prospective customers a uncomplicated opportunity for inserting and viewing information.
Plus it fits perfectly in the preferred website design.
Pretty cool, ha?


  •  Use multiple types of fields in your forms
  1. Single-line text
  2. Rich Text Editor
  3.  Drop-down list
  4.  Date picker
  5.  Hidden field
  •  Set required fields and unique fields
  •  Get email notifications after item inserted
  •  Store the collected information in your database
  •  Enable search form in your website – editable and read only modes
  •  Group View enables sort by any field
  •  Export data to excel
  •  All forms are javascript based – no refresh
  • May be used as contact form
  • Design your form in reach editor – user friendly and intuitive GUI
  • The forms fit perfectly with your website design
  •  Advanced search and filters to sift through the data
  •  Easy to use for even the most complex forms
  •  Easy to add your choice of fields
  •  Define and manage your own data
  •  Dynamic Forms Plugin is intuitive and very easy to use


It is just the beginning as even more features are planned!

  • Translations for multiple languages
  • Better management of collected data
  • Group changes together
  • Improved security
  • Even more field types!
  • Store queries and filters
  • Uploading attachments to forms
  • Define data structures based on existing data tables
  • Export collected data as files
  • Create reports and graphs
  • Permissions system
  • Field dependencies with special functionality and validations
  • Save history of changes with option to restore to saved states
  • Enable functional dependencies between entities
  • Better help with excellent video tutorials
  • Even better support
  • Provide APIs for extending the plugin with code
  • Integration with additional CMS platforms like Joomla and Drupal.

We wish to improve, we really do. To allow us to do just that, please consider making a donation.
We want to believe this plugin is helping users and making their lives easier, so a donation from you will let us know exactly that.
And of course, we promise that we will not forget you. Even the smallest donation on your behalf will be rewarded by a fully commercial licensed version free of charge. And, of course, all the cool features will be included.
Just keep in mind, our vision here is to make your life easier when it comes to building websites.
So, if you want to help us do just that, please donate, using the button bellow.
Any suggestions will be welcomed. Contact us! We`re friendly!

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